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Help with your device when you need it the most.

Thinking of purchasing a new device – I can advise you on what specifications to look for depending on your needs, I can even arrange to meet with you at a local computer store if you need someone there who can speak the lingo with the sales people.

Have you just purchased a new device – I can offer help with your new device, unpacking it and connecting it together, installing any software that is supplied with the machine or that you have purchased separately, configuring it for better efficiency.

Transfer your data from your old device – as well as the usual photos and music, this includes things you may not think about immediately such as favourites/bookmarks or any special document templates that you have setup.

Device Security – Help and advice on a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Which one best suits your needs at the best price.

Advice on the apps that are supplied with the device, Is it what I need or should I purchase extra?

Is your device already infected? Does it seem slow to respond? Do unusual windows keep popping up for no apparent reason? Does your device refuse to start or freeze at the welcome screen?

If any of these or other strange things are happening then contact me.

Training – I am an accredited trainer in Microsoft applications. I can tailor training to suit your needs. I also teach the Internet and email use in all the popular packages.

Remote Support – The easy to connect “remote login” is an affordable solution to take care of many device problems. If your Internet is working, I prefer to remote into your device to fix any software issues. I only ask to physically see your device if you have the following issues: Bad Virus, the Internet is not working, device crashes/Blue or Black screen when you start the device, Refreshing the device (bring it back to the way it was the day you bought it)