WOW, that’s a great deal!

I came across this ad on my Facebook feed this morning, yes, it’s a re-posted ad from 2016 but obviously, the people who posted the ad are still selling these thumb/flash/USB – drives/sticks/devices, call them what you may. I will refer to these as sticks from now on.

I read through the list of software that is pre-installed on the stick and was amazed that they had the balls to advertise this. To further insult us they claim that it is VIRUS FREE x 3.WOW, must be ok then because they said so, three times. Strictly speaking, a computer virus is just a specific type of malware. A computer virus is a type of malware that can easily replicate itself and spread from computer to computer by infecting other computer files much like a biological virus can spread from one person to another. True computer viruses are less common these days. Bad Guys are now more likely to use other types of malware that can better achieve their nefarious goals.

They count on the fact that 99% of anti-virus won’t detect the viruses/malware on them because the most important limitation of antivirus scanners is that they cannot always detect new or updated types of malware and this can leave computer users without the necessary knowledge vulnerable to infection. This failure is because the software may not yet have the virus signatures it requires to detect the malware. Or, it may simply not be equipped to deal with some of the sophisticated types of malware that is currently around. Criminals are always pushing the envelope to find new ways of distributing malware and antivirus programs may not always be able to keep up with these trends.

Ok, let’s look a little closer at the list, first let’s make a list of all the software/apps that you can download for free anyway;

  • Google Chrome from Google
  • Teamviewer from Teamviewer
  • Daemon Tools
  • Minecraft
  • VLC
  • WinRAR
  • Speccy
  • Latest Drivers Pack??? (What exactly are these drivers for anyway and are they legitimate and even drivers?)

All the rest of the “Free” apps on the stick are not free, which means they have been cracked or patched.

Ask yourself these questions, who cracked them? Are they Ok to use? Could they be malicious?

Ok, stop asking questions, warning bells should be bashing you up the side of your head now, not just ringing. You have no idea where these “Free” apps came from or how they were cracked or patched.

The easiest way that “the bad guys” can take over/spy on/log keystrokes on your PC is to convince you to use “free” software that would normally be very expensive, and to add insult to injury this is a bootable USB so they get you to boot into “their” operating system, now you are in their world. Who knows what it will copy over to your hard drive to be silently installed in the background next time you boot normally, while you sit like a smiling zombie using your great “free” apps secure in knowledge that they are ***VIRUS FREE*** x 3.

There are so many bad signs when I read this ad that my neck is sore from shaking my head in disbelief.

I hope they people that posted this ad see this because I invite them to prove that all the software on the stick they are selling is legitimate and free from all malware/viruses/ransomware, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, they will sell these to people and that will just increase the problem.

Anyway, without getting too geeky all I can say is “buyer beware”. If you feel that this is too good a deal to miss then buy it, but don’t complain when your accounts get hacked.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


About Craig Griffin

Digital Marketing Consultant. I look after this website, a Facebook page and Instagram accounts for Fay Boyd.
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